Travel in Spain

Madonna Writhed Here:

Travel in Spain .:One of our clients wrote a great review about his stay in our hotel in Ronda during his trip through Andalucia. He talks about the fact that Madonna stayed in our hotel during the shooting of her videoclip «Take a bow». He furthermore mentions that also his kids really liked their Ronda accommodation while travelling in Southern Spain ; check out some of the nice pictures he has published on his travel blog.                          Travel in Spain.

Travel in Spain – Madonna Writhed Here

Travel in Spain

I’m staying in an idiosyncratic 12-room hotel in the town of Ronda in Andalusia, Spain. My suite fills three floors in a tower: first floor, entrance and bathroom; second floor, sitting room; third floor, bedroom. I’m going to get a lot of exercise tonight.                    Travel in Spain 

I’m pretty sure my bed is the same bed Madonna used in her Take a Bow music video from her 1994 album, Bedtime Stories. Part of the video was shot in the hotel.

You must know the scene: it’s the one where she writhes on a bed in her underwear.

OK, that describes many of her videos. I’m referring to the video where her writhing is tightly cut with shots of the moody, handsome, about-to-be ex-lover in his tight matador pants.

check here the full review and pictures

Travel in Spain
My bed tonight. The one that is two floors away from the bathroom.

Travel in Spain.