Tom Barman in Ronda

Tom barman in rondaTom Barman in Ronda: This artist born in January 7, 1972, is a Belgian musician and film director. He founded the rock band Deus in Antwerp in 1989 and directed its music videos. In the summer of 2002 shooting started in Antwerp for his first feature film Any Way the Wind Blows which was released in Belgian cinemas in the summer of 2003. In February 2004, he released «The Body Gave You Everything», the debut album by Magnus, his dance-oriented project with techno producer CJ Bolland.

Barman has since explored the other side of the camera as well. He agreed to a «leading role» allowing directors, Manu Riche and Renaat Lambeet to film a documentary derived by Barman’s everyday life, entitled Tempo of a Restless Soul. After showing at the Ghent Film Festival one reviewer from Flanders Today ranked the film with a split score. He feels the film should receive three of five stars for fans only, and two stars for others. Deus fans already familiar with Barman, he pointed out, may be interested in the backstage, personal nature of the man due to the everyday «fly on the wall» view of the film. However, he cautioned, it might be confusing to find the semi-retiring rock frontman behind scenes.

Barman is now again playing with Deus. In 2006, Barman was one of the driving forces behind the 0110 concerts.

Tom Barman

dEUS were formed more than 20 years ago in Antwerp, becoming the first Belgian indie band to sign to a major international label. They garnered international acclaim for their debut album Worst Case Scenario, which welded Tom Waits’s bar-room blues to Pavement’s off-kilter college rock. Following two more albums for Island, the band took a four-year hiatus before reconvening in 2004. Their latest effort, the impressively noirish Following Sea, follows just eight months after previous album Keep You Close. Apart from violinist/keyboardist Klaas Janzoons, frontman Tom Barman remains the band’s only constant member. He still lives and records in Antwerp.

In 1998 the belgian band dEUS recorded The Ideal Crash in Ronda (Spain, Andalusia) at the Hotel and Studios EnFrente Arte. This is a part from an interview with dEUS leadsinger Tom Barman, by the Dutch Television (VPRO) for LOLLADAMUSICA (1999).