The House of the Moorish King Ronda

 The House of the Moorish king Ronda

The House of the Moorish King Ronda : calle Cuesta de Santo Domingo, 9

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the house of the moorish king Ronda

Just a few steps away from our hotel in Ronda one encounters this place of interest in Ronda ; it’s name is not really accurate because it was build in the 18th century when The Moors were longtime gone. It is the style of the palace that has  given its name but there is something trully Moorish which are the water mines from the 14th century completely carved into the rocks reaching the bottom of the gorge being able to touch the water of the river. The origin of the mines dates as said back from the 14the century when there were continuous wars going on between The Moors from Granada and The Christians from Seville.

The mine was used to supply the walled city with water in order to survive against the constant attacks from outside the walls.

Also here, the dramatic scenery of the building with its similar aspect of the Gardens of Babylon makes it worthwhile aThe house of the moorish King visit. The delightful Ronda gardens were designed by famous landscape archticet Jean Claude Forestier, just as the case with Joaquin Peinado another Ronda-Paris connection. In Seville, Forestier designed the well known Maria Luisa park, a must seen in the city centre close to the Plaza de España.

Overall this site is yet another of Ronda´s jewels due to its combination of different styles and historic influences. The building itself, containing  arab influenced art work,  can not be visited but visited the mine and its precious gardens are open for the public offering stunning vieuws to the river and the old city of Ronda.

moorish king palaceThe gardens offer fountains and waterlanes, designed and built at 1923 by the famous above mentioned architect and painter Forestier, with French ancestors,  ordered by the Duchess of Parcent. It is a garden with different stages, which reminds to the famous Alhambra in Granada. Its are  stairs decorated with ceramics and with fountains and ponds filled with plenty of water lilies on its sides.

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