The Arab baths

The Arab baths address: Calle Molino de Alarcón, 11 –  More info

Our hotel is a just a minute walk from the famous Arab Baths, dating from the 12th century and considered as the best conserved in Spain and one of the most important places of interest in Ronda.


The Arab Baths

You can go both ways to reach them; first take a right from the hotel and again the first right which leads you through a walk underneath the Ronda rocks and you will soon cross the Arab bridge which gives almost directb access to the entrance.

The baths  were constructed just at the entrance of the old Medina of Ronda at the gate of the city walls. Going out of the hotel and taking a left one reaches the Roman bridge with great views on the Arab Baths from above.Just after crossing the Roman Bridge there is a stairway carved into the rock that leads directly to the entrance of the Baths.

Recently a Spa called Aguas de Ronda has been opened where one can go for a massage and different baths, steaming rooms etc. This spa is located just on the right of the entrance of the Arab Baths, passing the hotel Alavera de los Baños and just next to the bar and restaurant Clemente where one can have a very typical spanish lunch just before or after using the spa.


Curiosities about the Arab Baths

The Moors of Spain were also Muslim, so religious traditions were important, a Mosque was located next to the baths.

The baths were more than just a sanitary facility; they were also a place where locals and visitors alike would stop to purify and cleanse their bodies and purify their souls.

The Arab Baths, known in Spanish as the Baños Arabes, are one of Ronda’s most important tourist attractions.

Ronda’s Arab Baths are similar to the design perfected by the Romans, except that steam was used to sweat out pollutants from the body rather than soaking in hot water as the Romans used.

The city of Granada with its famous arab palace called La Alhambra hosts most of the Moorish sites, we recommend these bars and restaurants once you visit the city of Granada.


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