Take a SEAT 600

We bought an old Seat 600 (Fiat in other countries) and cut it in half. We integrated the back part in the partition wall between the bar and the dining room. The back seat is a comfy couch, framed and enclosed by the wall, coach-work and car windows and open in the front facing the bar.

sensuarte-12-450x3451So, although the guest is physically seated in the dining room he’s actually mentally present in the bar. That’s quite a unique sensation. The trunk serves as a kitchen cabinet being an alternative storage for plates, cups, and cutlery. Tail lamps, brake lights and blinkers still function and are controlled by custom made power supply units.

After cutting an old Seat 600 in half and using the back as a wall seat, we still had about half a car left. We replaced the rustic table in the reception of our hotel with the front of the car, facing the entrance door. The headlights put a warm welcoming spotlight on our guests the moment they step in. The lobby is the first room one gets to see and people’s reaction to a car in the hall is mostly one of surprise and sympathy.sensuarte-13-450x3001

Now, that’s a great first impression for a guesthouse to make. It loosens people up, gets them engaged right away. Breaking the ice and making guests feel welcome is what reception is all about. Our Seat 600 does that very well…

All lights and blinkers still function and are controlled by custom made power supply units, and the dashboard serves as a desktop for doing the check-in administration.


After using the front and the back of our old SEAT 600 as a reception desk and a wall seat, a couple of items were left unused; the front seats and the spare wheel. We welded the front seats onto iron rotary plates. The construction is very solid but still allows for bending slightly, so we ended up with a pair of comfy rocking-chairs.

Another rotary plate as a support turned the spare wheel into a coffee table. The flat see-through surface table top is attached to the rubber of the tires with suction cups.

We used some more wheels and tires as wall tables at bar stool height.