Table Matters

How better does it get than to surf the web than surfing it using…skateboards? This now gives an additional dimension to your surfing experience online while visiting the hotel.

sensuarte-14-450x300-300x200But surfing influences you will find in other places, such as for example near the outside bar area or on the outdoor view deck.

We’ve been repurposing more sports equipment into tables. In the end, all a table needs is a flat surface that’s stable enough to hold some cups, an ashtray or a candle.

sensuarte-16-450x300-300x200So as long as you find a way to turn any item into something that’s flat and solid, there are a lot of table concepts one can come up with our “Music & Sports”-themed entertainment room and the adjacent bamboo garden now house a set of console tables made with padel racquets and basketball hoops and a freestanding trampoline table.