Sierra de Grazalema

The caves are part of the Natural Park of the Sierra of Grazalema, one of the three parks in the surroundings of Ronda. This park is situated at most western part of the Serrania and the UNESCO declared it Reserve of the Biosphere in 1977, and National Park in 1984. Very curious is the fact that this Sierra has got the most average sediment from Spain with 2.200 mm. Also very special is the presence of the Abies Pinsapo Boissier, a tree from the Tertiary Age, also to be found at the Sierra de las Nieves. It’s a rough and woody landscape of oak trees, cistus scrubs and medical plants like oregano and lavender. The fauna from the Sierra of Grazalema are mainly foxes, deers and lynx. The park also disposes of one of the biggest manure colonies.

It is absolutely worth visiting this park for a day and combining this with a visit at the village of Grazalema.