Setenil de las Bodegas

Setenil de las Bodegas is situated in the east of the province of Cadiz and geographically almost completely surrounded by the province of Malaga.From Ronda it is
about a 20 minute drive where one first passes the authentic and tourist free village of Arriate which has a special place in our heart and a specific section with recommendations on this website under «Ronda bars and restaurants». If you are coming from Jerez, Seville or Arcos de la Frontera, you can turn towards Olvera more or less half way of the lake of Zahara de la Sierra.
Today Setenil has a population of more or less 3,500 inhabitants. It is built on the borders of the Guadalporcún River cutting the Miocene Rock landscape, serving as a natural defence of the village throughout its history. It belonged to the Catholic Kings (Reyes Católicos) who conquered it in September 1484 after intense battles.
To celebrate this victory Queen Isabelle donated a “chasuble”, still to be observed in the parish church.Setenil was conquered by the Catholic Kings in 1484 when the Moors were kicked out of town.

The small cave-like streets of this astonishing village are formed from the overhanging ledge of a gorge. Many of the white houses – some two or three storeys high – have natural roofs in the rock and are constructed into the caves and burrows on both sides, attached to the rocks. A short walk through the village is absolutely
a must.On hot summer days it is great to have lunch under the natural shade of the rocks along the riverside. Several restaurants like La Tasca, bar Frasquito or La Escueva have local food on their menu at decent rates.If your just in for a fresh beer or local wine you should definitely try the chorizo as the village is famous for its superb quality of this meat ,obtained from farms closeby in the surrounding mountains of the nearby white villages. The bodegas are still a testimonial from the past when the region had a very wide spread wine industry that was completely affected by the phylloxera insect infestation of the 1860s. Nowadays the Ronda region is completely back on the wine map with over 30 bodegas all around the city of Ronda with a growing reputation of its quality winning international prices all over the world such as the Pinot Noir wine of bodega Los Aguilares or some of the wines from Descalzos Viejos.