Santo Picasso

For centuries our hotel has been a hostel for pilgrims and many traces of this former function are still left in the construction of the building and small ornaments all over the premises. Next to the entrance door is an open space in the wall that used to be the typical shrine in which a relic would be placed, for passers-by to worship and to pray.

As the little chapel had lost its purpose over the years, we decided to revalue the altar, but upgrade the saints.

picasso-sWe dedicated the shrine to international artists from the past century with a big influence on Ronda or Spain, like Picasso, Orson Welles or Ernest Hemingway.

We used the aluminium construction of a kitchen sifter for flour or icing sugar, printed images of the artists’ faces on 2 transparent plastic sheets, attached the sheets to either end of the sieve, so it looks like a tambourine with 2 see-through drumheads, and hung the two-sided portraits on the ceiling.

When the wind gently rotates the object, the shifting position and the distance between the prints produce a magical optical depth effect, as if the faces come to life in 3D.

Now the entrance once again has become a place of fellowship and worship, worthy a hotel named Enfrente Arte.