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Saint Petersburg Collection Russian Museum Malaga

Saint Petersburg Collection Russian Museum Malaga Address: Edificio de Tabacalera, Av de Sor Teresa Prat, 15.

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russian museum MalagaThe ancient tobacco building in Malaga was recently converted in the Russian Museum of Malaga after an agreement between the town hall of Málaga and Saint Petersburg. It holds an impressive collection of most of the Rusian masters and had an extraordaniry exhibit in 2017 of Kandinsky.The museum is a privilege for southern europe standards as no other museum holds such a wide and ample collection going from old Russian art to Neoprimitivism, works from the XVIII century,from Realism to Realism with Russian topics, the movement of “World of Art” but also the Avant-garde, Socialist Realism and art in the Melting.

The ancient tobacco building is a fantastic site on itself , build in 1920 and closed down in 2002. Firstly it opened partly for the car museum in 2010 and five years later the rest of the building opened up as The Russian museum.

russian museum MalagaThe permanent exhibition of the Collection of the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg/Malaga is divided into nine thematic areas: the old Russian art, the XVIII century, Romanticism in Russia, Realism, Realism with Russian topics, the movement of “World of Art” and Neoprimitivism, the Avant-garde, Socialist Realism and art in the Melting Era that was experienced after the death of Stalin.
These works will be continuously enveloped by a non-stop and varied cultural offer by means of guided tours, film screenings and concerts that help to know the great wealth of the Russian art in the best way: from orthodox devotion that represent icons with a gold background, to the middle-class tradition of portrait or landscape, to the great upheavals of the cubist, cube-futuristic and constructivist avant-gardes, and to the social message of socialist realism. All the ups and downs of the Russian art will be present in the Collection of Russian Museum, St. Petersburg/ Málaga, which is the first stable and permanent relationship between a Russian museum and a Spanish city.

Not only ehibitions but moreover each month several unique movies are shown about Russian culture in general and additionaly conferences are set up with well known speakers from Russia and beyond.

From february 10th 2018 the annual expo will open with the art of Socialistic Realsim as a main theme as well as a special expo dedicated to Mikhail Schwartzman.



Tuesday to Sunday    9:30 to 20:00 hrs
Closed on Mondays, 1 January and 25 December


Combinada (permanent plus temporary exhibition): 8,00 €    (4,00 € reduced)
Exposición permanent: 6,00 € (3,50 € reducided)
Exposición temporal: 4,00 €  (2,50 € reducided)

Reduced entrances for:
Over 65 yrs  or Students under 26 yrs

Free entrance
Unemployed and under 18’s
Sunday from 16.00 hrs

There is limited parking at the Tebacalera building.
Entering Malaga from the Costa del Sol along Avenida Velazquez, you will turn right into Avenida Paloma and clearly see the Tebacalera at the end of Avenida Paloma.
Urban Bus 16 from Alhameda