Ronda by Night



Ronda has a varied night life both for late dining and dancing. The not to be missed sunset invites for a late afternoon drink at the western side of the gorge.


Maruja Limon

Dramatically situated, just at the border of the fantastic Ronda cliffs, this is the place to watch the famous Ronda sunset; go for a cocktail with some local cheesea.


El Quinque

In between the parador and the bullfight ring, offers the best flamenco atmosphere in town where one can at the same time din and enjoy their almost daily flamenco shows or just hang out at their terrace and mix up with the locals.


Drinks and Co

Once in the later hours, one should definitely try out  as they serve great cocktails with by far the most modern, european music tunes. The decoration is, just as our hotel, made out of recycled materials.


Descalzos Viejos

Several times a year, our friends, whom´s Ronda wine we serve at the hotel,organize a wonderful fusion of music and wine through evenings that might go “festival style” with dj’s and rock bands but also pure jazz, flamenco or classical. The backdrop of the 16th century convent with its church and wonderful Alhambra feel gardens evokes a unique atmosphere for “Wine believers and music lovers”.The DV festival is taking place in june every year ; several great spanish bands participated in the various editions such as Pajaro, Pelo Mono, Chencho Fernandez, Hi Corea, O Sister, La Big Rabia and many more. Other nights apart from the festival had flamenco artist Chano Dominguez behind the piano and great jazz by Jazzolea.

Since 2017 ,there is a fantastic international dance festival at this unique site of Descalzos Viejos,called UVA festival, set up by London, Berlin based Moody Collective. The new edtion will take place between june 7 and june 10 with a very international range of dj´s and live artists on the bill:  
African Acid Is The Future (Maryisonacid & Wolfonacid), Alf Keil (ela Residents),Budino (Oscillator, Cocktail D’Amore),Call Super (Hessle Audio),CPI (Hivern Discs),Da Matta (Live) (Bossa FM),Debora Ipekel (Winds n Skins),Dirk 81 (Tartelet Records),Donna Leake (Winds n Skins),DJ Central (Regelbau, Dekmantel),DJ Sports (Regelbau),Dorado (Downpitch Recordings),Habibi Funk (Jakarta Records),Industrias94 Collective,Jonas Friedlich (Molton Moods, Mistress Recordings),Juanito Jones (Morning Fever),Jonny Rock (Hamam House),La Mamie’s (Mamie’s Records),Miss Jay (Oost),Moody Collective,O.BEE (Resolute),OG,Juan (Undermad),Orpheu the Wizard (Red Light Radio),Reginald Omas Mamode IV (Live),Royer (Lobster Theremin),Simone de,KunovichSkeeMask (Ilian Tape),Tito Wun (Melting Point),Tomas Station (Downpitch Recordings),Zenker Brothers (Ilian Tape) As the first edition was a great success, the limited tickets are selling fast, so be warned to buy them fast through the internet concert ticket sales online in Andalucia and abroad ; this is a truly unique boutique festival experience. Most dj´s and artists will be hosted at the Enfrente Arte hotel bringing alive again the real roots of the hotel as an artistic hang out.

Check out what prestigious music magazine MixMag says about the Ronda festival



Los Caireles

At just a 7 minute drive out of town, you reach Arriate where our fellow musicians “The Garcia Brothers”  Originally in the fifties this place was a cinema called Ideal where daddy Garcia both was barkeeper and movie operator. This ancient, retro feel still is present with the old chairs, projectors and posters of old school commercials from the fifties and sixties. We have literally set up hundreds of memorable nights here as almost all of the bands that stayed in our hotel in the past carried out one or several gigs here always ending in a north-south euro party. The Garcia Brothers nowadays tour as samba referees with the new sport called Bossaball, an invention created by Enfrentearte.