Ronda bars & restaurants



These are the places we recommend:


La Lechugita – Calle Los Remedios 35

One of the most classic tapa bars is La Lechugita, maintaining its original atmosphere and decoration. Watch out for the little sign saying ‘Prohibido el Cante,’an old strategy of barkeepers to shut up the drunken singers. You should definitely try the lechugita (vinegar salad, after which the bar was named), callos, masita, chorizo (different meats). Basically, all of the tapas are authentic. Yes indeed: dEUS is on the wall, in a picture taken in this proper bar during the recording of their album ‘The Ideal Crash.’


Los Cazadores Avenida de Malaga, at the end of Calle Espinel, Calle Rosal 1

One of Ronda’s best places to eat fresh fish .You can order raciones (portions) of different fish and vegetables. Check out the concha fina a raw shellfish that can almost only be found in the Malaga province, berengena frita (fried aubergine), navajas (shellfish), atun plancha (grilled tuna), chipirones (baby squid), and the recommendations of the house such as the tuna carpacio with splendid olive oil. Go early (before two pm and nine pm), because this place is mostly fully booked.


Locos Tapas Puerta de Almocabar – Plazuela Arquitecto Francisco Pons Sorolla 7

Run by Basque owner Guillermo and his wife, this tiny restaurant just in the shadow of the Puerte de Almocabar is a must go in tapa land. Not only the presentation but espiaclly the fusion of flavours. Variuos dishes are served with salted sorbets of cheese or pasion fruit, edible flowers etc. Also here you best make a reservation in advance.


El Almocabar – Plaza Ruedo Alameda 5

Manolo is one of the real classic restaurant owners with a love for ancient andalusian plates with a modern twist. The restaurant holds one of the best Ronda wine collections and Manolo has a straight forward but delicate taste preference accompanying fish or meat recipes.


Toro Tapas  – Calle Espinel 7

Situated at the begining of Ronda´s main street “La Calle de la Bola” , this a great spot to have lunch while observing the locals and the tourist passing by. Apart from tasty tapas, you can order the chicken with raisins or the famous bull tail. Upstairs there is an art galery with mostly local artists and live concerts from time to time.One can try out different Ronda wines by the glass, smoothly freshand at economic rates.


El Almacén – Calle Virgen de los Remedios 7

One of the most recent players in the restaurant/tapa panorama, owner and main chef Javi is bringing fresh ideas into the Andalucian cuisine with nicely presnted salmon tartar or a crunchy fish salad based on courgette/zucchini with lime.Javi´s father was a plumber and recently pensioned he supplied most of the decoration with recycled tubes giving the whole place an urban, modern feel representing the 21st century Ronda.


Entre Vinos – Calle Pozo 2

Already operative since a year or five, this tiny little restaurant was set up by two local youngsters.They took the risk of serving almost all Ronda wines from the region with tiny tapas to go along. The black calamar with alioli is for instance a great one to try out with one of Ronda´s white wines; we appreciate their effort to really support the local wine scenery that is not only delighted by tourists but surprisingly has a lot of locals trying out the wines of their city with a new born proudness.


Las Martirio – Calle Virgen de los Remedios 21

For a couple of years now this recent players has already become a classic.A lot of locals showing up and foreigners living in the region.A wide offer of fish straight from the Mediteraenean coast served both raw and hot.The most peculiar fact of this restaurant is that each Thursday the female cook and the bar tenders join for a live concert of flamenco fusion; the place gets packed for this, so go early in order to have good seats.


El Tragata – Calle Nueva 4

One of the best places to go for fusion tapas and plates with a menu that changes on a regular base; one can try classic recipes but prepared for instance in tempura, a fat slice of sashimi salmon with vanilla etc,…a bit more expensive but worthwhile a try.


Bardal – Calle José Aparicio 1

Once known as the famous Tragabuches , started up by rewarded chef Dani Garcia we still remmeber in the late ninetees that the cuisine of Garcia was absolutely breathtaking and innovative and atracted culinary tourism both from the whole of Spain and international.When Garcia left the restaurant was going down hill and never really got back on track not until Benito Gomez from above mentioned Tragata took over and obtained his first Michellin star in the opening year…this will hopefully give a new boost to Ronda´s culinary offer.


More Options – Arriate

Less then 10 minutes drive from the hotel, one arrives at a not touristic white village called Arriate. We have spent lot’s of time here as our friends run Los Caireles. Here one can still find the real unspoiled Spanish life; get to know the locals and eat tapas at very reasonable rates.


Los Cáireles – Calle Ronda 10 Arriate (Malaga)

Los Cáireles opened its doors in 1956. It was known by the ancients as the bar of the movies because apart from the bar, they exploited the first cinema in the village: ”Cine Ideal”. You could eat some tapas here, watch a movie and finish your evening with some wines in the bodega. When, in these times ,they showed a popular picture, people even brought their own chairs to sit behind the last row of seats.

Local businesses showed their commercials with slides projected at the beginning of each movie. Frequently the enthusiastic spectators sang along with the songs during the films. In 1988 they decide to convert the cinema into a tablao de flamenco and they start organizing all kinds of flamenco concerts and free podia where all the villagers could sing, act or just improvise. At the start of the nineties, they close the big hall and turn part of it into a cosy, clubby bar .With a more diverse program, you can now assist a dj session as well as a traditional Cuban or flamenco gig. Many bands have passed by Color Humano, Buscemi, Think of One, Gabriel Rios and much more. In the afternoon they serve all kinds of teas and coffees, the Arab mint tea being one of their classics.

Los Caireles is situated in Arriate, at 6 km from Ronda. This pleasant village on the way to the more touristic Setenil welcomes few tourists which gives it a quiet more authentic feel. Two brothers and good friends since years, Manolo and Roberto run Los Caireles and they literally know the whole village. Young and old come and go here.

Their latest project is called “El Chiringuito de Arriate” and is situated just at the entrance of the Village if you drive from Ronda or just at the end if you arrive from

the road from Setentil de las Bodegas. If you are looking for an authentic spanish experience without tourists, well then this is the spot to go for a cocktail such as 

the great mojitos they serve as well as to try out the local Ronda cheese and jamon .

These are the  other places they recommend in their village and beyond:


Taberna Manolo, Plaza de la Constitucion 21

Typical Andalusian bar still in its original state. Manolo,the owner is a flamenco singer, so whenever he is in a good mood, he lightens up the bar with authentic flamenco. Again, here you can find all kinds of diverse tapas, try the slight spicy callos (meat and beans) and get advice from Manolo for new dishes such as the tuna tataki with wasabi sorbet.


Bar Café El Albarra Calle Albarra 2

Ancient bar where the older people still play cards and domino, great coffee.


El tren Capri calle Ronda 64

A pritty new one serving also mexican and american food apart from local dishes. This is a spot to try the local beer dedicated to the famous new bridge in Ronda called “puente nuevo”.


El Muelle de Arriate Main road btween Ronda and Arriate

This restaurant is located in the old train station of Arriate; foreign owned this is a place with several vegan options ; defintely the most contemporary option in Arriate if you are lloking for that in a fantastic vintage backdrop of the old railway days.


Hostal Venta El Chozo

just at the beginning of the village on the main road from Ronda. Apart from their restaurant with home made plates, rooms available at economic rates.


Venta El Pelitre

At 3 km of Arriate, bendy back road towards Ronda ,close to hotel Fuente de la Higuera ; everybody knows this rural restaurant with their own vegetable garden, so food is always fresh and still very economic.


Venta La Venta

From Ronda, the road to el Burgo after 4 km. The shepherds came here always to eat in this top rural spot. Sometimes you can still see the herds of animals,waiting outside until the shepherd finishes his lunch.

Manolo en Roberto know a couple of captive nature trips by foot and by mountain bike. The best thing to do is ask them personally how to go, because these paths are not easy to find.  In summer they can explain you how to localize hidden riverbanks where one can swim in pure water and by the way they run a summer disco Wawa in July and August not to be missed as it is situated in between beautiful rock formations just outside the village…this place was always known as El Molino Verde as it holds an ancient water mill just opposite this Ronda night club.