Piano Night in Enfrente Arte 

Piano Night in Enfrente Arte 

Where: Enfrente Arte Hotel 
When:  Sunday 22 July
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/enfrentearte/?hl=es
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This Sunday July 22 our hotel will host a late afternoon piano concert by El pianista en el Tejado and a dj set by Duro Vino as pre party for the Stefano Bollani concert on Wednesday July 25 at bodega Descalzos Viejos. The concert starts at 18h and we will have organic cocktails from our Bossafarm.


For the clients that stay that Sunday we have a  Special stay offer: https://www.enfrentearte.com/special-offers/




Aníbal Vega was born for the first time in 1965, in León, where he began his musical studies in the seventies, becoming part of Los Nietos de Gandhi as a guitarist in 1984, one of the many bands that emerged in those lands as an extension of the «Movida Madrileña» Madrid Movement, where he moved in 1986. The band, in the words of its leader, Juan, made «dark and depressing psychedelia».

Aníbal was born for the second time in Madrid, where he already plays the keyboards in the Acid Grass band (actually it was Marta’s Farfisa, the keyboardist of the Sex Museum), simultaneously with his first performances in the 80s with his law studies. Acid Grass was a real bunch of savages trying to make garage music.

After his diverse works, in the XXI century he decided to channel his life and focus his activity on writing and music. He began to write stories, published in 2016 with the title of one of them, «The unfinished man», and to play the piano in various hotels in Tarifa and other places in Andalusia. In 2015, he joined the band Tarifeña «US» (Nosotros), on keyboards. The «US» repertoire ranges from jazz to bossa and incidental music.

He is currently immersed in the correction of the draft of his first novel, «El legado Waltz», while playing the piano at different venues in Madrid, León and Andalucía.



Collective Duro Vino



conciertos Ronda

Degree in musical interpretation from the Superior Conservatory of Málaga (CSM Málaga, Spain) and MHS Stuttgart (Musik Hoch Schule von Stuttgart) under the direction of Nicolas Hodges obtaining a specialization in interpretation in contemporary music. She also graduated as a piano accompanist from Trinity College in London.

During 2017, he completed his research on the physical-acoustic dimension of the Prepared Piano, using it as master’s work in the specialty of Musical Research at UNIR (Spain). This project was supported by public concerts and conferences in different parts of Spain and the United States (SICPP, Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance, New England Conservatory, Boston, SMASH Festival, Musikene, San Sebastian, Contemporary Music Conferences, CSM Málaga , among others).

Her activity as a professional pianist started in 2013 and she has performed in Europe, North America and Latin America as a soloist (SICPP, Bostón (USA), SMASH Festival, San Sebastián (Spain), AMEE Meeting Point Festival, Valencia (Spain), Lecture-Concert UNM, Albuquerque (USA), CCMC Festival 2018, Bogotá (Colombia) and other Contemporary Music cycles in Spain) and as a member of Ensembles de música (Smash Ensemble, SICPP).

she is currently a member of the management of the Duro Vino collective and is in the process of preparing a doctoral thesis project based on the production of electronic music by Ibero-American composers and artists under the supervision of Costa Rican composer Dr. Susan Campos.





Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and resident in Interactive Arts at the Manchester School of Arts (MMU). He studied Architecture at the Higher Technical School of Barcelona (UPC) between 2005 and 2012.

he has collaborated with artists of international importance such as Jean Francois Fourtou as an assistant in Marrakech and has received master classes from artists such as Guillermo Mora. Freelance artist in the field of plastic arts, design and architecture. And co-organizer of different music and visual arts festivals (UVA Festival, Muwart and DV + Happy Place Fest) Currently, in addition to occupying the direction of the Duro Vino collective, he is in the process of personal and collaborative artistic research through the elaboration of several projects, among which are: MATANZA, a project in which painting, sculpture, audiovisual documentary and theoretical development come together to offer a deep and personal vision of this social event so characteristic of Spain.