Paul the Octopus

We got our inspiration to make this lamp during the World Cup in South Africa.

The huge attention this octopus received for predicting all results and Spain as the winner is widely known.

IMG_0712-300x200We manufactured this octopus lamp with very simple materials. First of all a pvc white garden lamp where we added some iron wire legs. The now well known led strips were fitted into the pvc garden lamp (the octopus body) and then leaded onto the iron wire legs. It was pure coincidence that to cover the octopus legs we came up with the standard bubble plastic used to protect packages as this material was inside the box of the led strips…we can change the lamp in all sort of different colours but most of the time it has its natural red colour as this is a homage to “La Roja” the nickname (the Reds) of the Spanish national theme that obtained its first world cup ever !