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Enfrente Arte Breakfast

Over the years our Enfrente Arte breakfast has obtained a well known international reputation as we serve fresh organic and bio food from our Bossafarm.

The Enfrentearte Breakfast contains, depending on the time of year, different types of organic fruits, tropical fruits, and fruits from different parts of the world such as litchie, carissa, Longan, Guama, lemons, tangerines, mangos of different types among others. As well, as fruits of habitual consumption is Spain, like the kaki, sauces with pomegranate and advocados just to name a few.

You can find diffrent types of carpacio’s, tartares and much more such as our home made ice tea and fresh tropical juices together with a large variety of salads and smoothies. Come and check it out yourself…. check out some of our dishes.

BossaFarm is located in Estepona, a quaint little Spanish town situated in the area between Marbella and Gibraltar with fantastic views on the African continent. This unique spot is our latest project and is the result of the fusion of EnfrenteArte, born in 1997, and the sport Bossaball, created by Enfrentearte’s owner Filip Eyckmans in 2005.

Since 6 years we use 100% organic fruits and vegetables from all over the world are served for the  Enfrente arte breakfast buffet, our natural ice teas or home cooking sessions.

Moreover, rest periods between training sessions and intense days of practice are filled with healthy, nutritious and traditionally grown food provided by and cultivated at the same playground. That way, the BossaFarm becomes a healthy sports development centre. The idea is to closely interweave the sporting and physical perspective with social and ecological aspects. A place where neo meets retro. The upside-down gardening is one example. This practice from New York has spread out to Estepona as well, and occurs in a rather creative way. Seven end-of-life trampolines of old bossaball playfields have found a new destination, as they are now used as the skeleton for the vegetable boxes.

Come and check it out yourself and try fruit and veggies you have never tasted before such as cucamelon, mexican tomato, zapote, edible flowers and much more. We have launched this year a cake with 5 different types of apples as well as a cake made from Ronda wine from the bodega Descalzos Viejos with whom we set up various events through the year going from jazz to flamenco and from rock to dance.


Some opinions from our guests


«It smells delightful when stepping into the hotel. due to Pablo’s morning classics, the magical pancakes & eggs he prepares for breakfast each morning. This is something different.»

«Also breakfast is a real feast with freshly prepared eggs, homemade bread, fresh juice and cake and a nice selection of cold cuts salads and fresh fruit. This is holiday at it’s best!»

«Pablo, the cook prepares daily diffrent recipes of things you have never tasted before, always with a big smile making this breakfast a perfect start for a fantastic day to visit the beautiful town of Ronda »


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       Enfrente arte Breakfast Enfrente arte Breakfast 

       Enfrente arte Breakfast Enfrente arte Breakfast