We leave Arriate and pass the hamlets La Cimada and Los Prados, belonging to the City of Ronda. We cross the Malaga and Cadiz province border and will arrive at the extraordinary village of Setenil de Las Bodegas. In front of us, like a white drop on the green fields high up on the horizon you can see Olvera. This typical White Village, with an actual population of some 8,750 inhabitants, was founded by the Dukes of Osuna and became an important city during the Reconquest (Reconquista), right on the border of the Catholic North and Islamic South. The famous Arabic Castle from the 14th Century is a good example of remaining of this period. For a lot of Andalusian people Olvera is a place of pilgrimage, not only for its beautiful cathedral Nuestra Señora de La Encarnación.