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Malaga bars, restaurants and museums

Let us guide you into the best Nightlife in Málaga bars and restaurants around the city!


Sala factoria / Superskunk

-Address: Calle Granada 52  Málaga, Maria Zambrano station Renfe AVE

-Web site:  http://www.superskunk.es/

Nightlife in Malaga

At the end of the eighties, Luis Rubio and a couple of friends set up a company, Factoria/Beatas, with the idea of promoting cultural events and concerts by indie bands in Málaga and surroundings.  Their office was in Calle Beatas, a typical andalucian street with lots of bars and nightclubs.  Soon after, they started up their own club, which they called Sala Factoria, with the aim of creating new projects in alternative entertainment.

Luis especially remembers one night with Mano Negra, who during one of their tours, called up one day to say:  “Tomorrow we’re coming to play in your club.  Spread the word…”  Amazingly enough, this tactic worked, and everybody started calling everybody else, and on the night of the gig, the venue was so packed they had to leave half of the audience in the street.

Also the way the communicated with the band’s management was special…  Their manager would start every sentence with:  “Mano Negra has decided that…” or “Mano Negra thinks that…”  All of this, all night long.   Luis remembers:  “The concert was absolutely one of the best I ever helped set up, for its music and for its wild and passionate atmosphere.”

In the mid-nineties, after some years of vicious competition, Sala Factoria closed down, but it is brought back to life every year during the feria of Malaga in the second and third week of August.

Today, Luis Rubio runs Superskunk, offering a wide variety of Spanish and international design objects and Superskunk has shops in all major airports and train stations in Spain.


Montana Restaurant

-Address: Calle Compás de la Victoria, 5, 29012 Málaga

-Web Site: http://restaurantemontana.com/

malaga bars and restaurantBy no doubt one of the or the most beautiful urban patio of Malaga city. Located in The Conde Dureña neighboorhood at a few minutes from Picasso´s house and the Plaza de la Merced one can go for a refreshing drink on a hot summer afternoon as the patio has several zones with shadow as well as water fountains.

Decoration is nicely fused between classic and contemporary and is one of these places that gives Malaga a new fresh urban vibe.


malaga bars and restaurants


The menu offers some ingredients which are hard to find in other places and changes on a regulary basis.

Also their wine collection is pritty unique as one can chose wines from all over the Malaga province from inexpensive towards selective bottles.






-Address: Calle Alcazabilla, 12, 29015 Málaga

-Web Site: https://www.alcazabapremiumhostel.com/restaurante.php


malaga bars and restaurants

The Batik restaurant offers both inside and outside seating and offers a very fresh and modern menu at very decent rates. The decoration is very cosmopolitan and this place breaths the atmosphere of big urban cities, something new in Malaga. In the late afternoon on can go for one of the several terraces for a well served gin tonic or other cocktails and at night the Batik restaurant turns into  a flamboyant night club with great beats and funky people…don’t go too late as the queue gets long in the weekend.

málaga bars and restaurants



Alcazaba Premium hostal & Batik restaurant & Batik Club

-Address: Calle Alcazabilla, 12, 29015 Málaga

-Web Site:https://www.alcazabapremiumhostel.com/

malaga bars and restaurantshostel malaga centro, hotel boutique, hostel malaga, terraza chill-out, terraza malaga

Fantasticaly located, next to the Roman theatre with splendid views towards  the Alcazaba castle and walls, this is a great new player in the hotel, gastronomy and club world as it adapts to a wide public and converts itself follwing different time schedules.

You can book a room here as a budget traveler in one of the comfortable bunks, but also book a private room with all necessary comfort.






 El balneario

malaga bars and restaurants-Address: Calle Bolivia, 26, 29017

Web Site

Without any doubt El Baneario is the restaurant with the best views on the city of Malaga. It is located just at the begining of the popular restaurant neighbourhood Pedregalejo which is a long stretchted boulevar along the sea at about half an hour walk from Malaga city.

This place is very famous for its «espetos» which are mostly sardines or other fish that are grilled in small boats next to the restaurants.

In 1999, we organized a concet of dEUS at the Balneario during the Ideal Crash tour just before our sold out gigs at the Lisbon and Oporto Coliseum.

We like to go back in the late afternoon , just before sunset to enjoy a mojito or gin tonic. The restaurant nowadays has become
pritty big but has great paelas and other rice dishes with lobster and crab…in this place you are seated «on» the sea.





-Address: Calle Carreterias,96

-Web Site: http://www.restauranteasako.com/


asiatic foodAsako’s the best value with a kind service, a charming place and really fresh and good food, only the fact that it has survived in Malaga serving sushi since over a decade is a good proof to check this place out  in downtown Malaga. Owner Jesus, aka Guru Jesus, has contributed closely to this guide in 2005 when he was still running his own music bar and label.

Feelfood: With our peculiar fusion cusine, in Asako, we got to come into  Málaga´s gastronomy  introducing sushi into the taste of the people from Málaga: nigiris, makis, uramakis and sashimi are nowadays plates that proliferate in our guest dinner and lunch.

In one way we are recovering classic spanish products and recipies and widen them with the asian character, traditionals flavors  like  the ibe rian pork or the red tuna became to be populars again thanks to the fusion with the asian cusine, and in ther other way we also add the mediterranean flavor to the japaneses  and asian recipies.

Salads malaga

In our recipies we play with japane, thai, korean and of course andalusian, mediterranean and iberian flavors. To complete our culinary offer, we also serve our sushi and all the others plates to take away and eat at home.








La Anchoita

-Address: Beatas 2 Plaza Del Teatro 3 Málaga

-Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/anchoitamalaga/photos/?ref=page_internal

At the end of the street, in front of this bar on the Plaza del Teatro, one can see a huge tropical ficus with its roots covering half of the square.  In this bar, there is a good variety of fried fish, especially the ‘caldo caliente pintaroja’ (spicy rock fish soup).  A good mix of old men and people who have aged too soon due to living too fast.


La anchoita malaga Anchoita Bar and restaurant  la anchoita malaga food



Café Negro

Cafe negro restaurants malaga

-Address: Calle Alcazabilla, 9 29015 Málaga

-Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cafenegromalaga/?rf=167353309973778

Enchanting street with a roman theatre.  Behind the theatre, there is a beautiful path that leads to the Castillo de Gibralfaro, with gorgeous views over the city.  Before or after this walk, you should have a coffee or something fresh in this stylish bar.

coctails and tapas malaga






El vegetariano de alcazabilla

El vegetariano malaga

-Address: Calle Pozo del Rey, 5, 29015 Málaga

-Web Site: http://elvegetarianodelaalcazabilla.com/

In front of the cinema screening original-language movies, you’ll find a cosy restaurant with contemporary vegetarian dishes and is Malaga´s first vegetarian restaurant. Movie theatre Albeniz has a permanent offer of great movies in original version and also hosts part of Malaga´s jazz festival in November.









Palo cortao

night life malaga

-Address: Avda. Pries, 4

-Web Site: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Restaurante-Palo-Cortado/176434515709656?hc_ref=ARTUGeINQog2SRfaW_oxfHC8ms4wWOCyzfO5jvPBWOq2biB3FqHyeJdlN0G2QKUMUPc

Andalucian kitchen accompanied by an excellent selection of wines.









La Vikinga

malaga bars and restaurants

-Address: Calle Federico Fellini, 34, 29016 Málaga

-Web Site: https://www.facebook.com/RestauranteLaVikinga/?fref=mentions

A small restaurant with one of the most imaginative menus to be found in the city.

Check this Article: http://www.malagaenlamesa.com/noticias/201705/30/vikinga-retorno-esperado-20170530190424.html




Pitta Bar

malaga bars and restaurants

Malaga restaurants

-Address: Calle Echegaray, 8, 29015 Málaga

-Web site: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pita-Bar/142043132528146

A pleasant and creative fusion of all typical dishes from the Mediterrean.


«Stopped for a quick glass of wine as there was a spare table – the wine came very quickly and he brought a menu. We hadn’t intended eating but the prices were pretty good so we both had falafel tapas and another glass of wine. It was really quite reasonable and a lovely atmosphere sitting outside in the evening watching the world go by»


 Merendero Paco

casa paco

-Address: Paseo Marítimo, 69, local 4, 29620 Torremolinos, Málaga

-Web Site: http://casapacoplaya.com/

This is one of the best places to have fresh sardines on the beach.









Miguelito el Cariñoso

malaga bars and restaurants-Address: Paseo Marítimo el Pedregal, 77, 29017 Málaga

Web Site: 

Specialised in fried fish, but the ‘almejas’ (clams) are also exquisite.














Restaurant «el Caleño»

malaga bars and restaurantsEl caleño-Address: Paseo Marítimo el Pedregal, 49, 29017 Málaga

-Web Site: https://www.facebook.com/pages/El-Cale%C3%B1o/175693732450637

Here should order fresh fish cooked in the oven with SALT, a trae delicacy.



Restaurant «El Tintero»

-Address: Carretera de Almeria, 99 29017 Málaga

-Web Site: https://www.facebook.com/eltinterorestaurante/

The waiters walk  in between the tables, singing with full passion, the continuous changing fish plates they carry above your head. By giving them a sign, they serve you the plate at instant,…the idea is that you keep ordering until satisfied. You can’t eat fish on the beach in a more authentic way than here…



Bar Iñaki

-Address: Calle Héroes de Sostoa, 46 29002 Málaga

-Web Site: https://www.facebook.com/AsadorInakiMalaga/

Try  the brocheta de pollo con patatas, con salsa a la pimienta y champiñones(chicken with peppers and mushrooms)  The exposed fish is exquisite.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5aJz2la-gs&width=920&height=250[/embedyt]


Taberna el Beato

bars and restaurants -Address: Calle Beatas, 3, 29008 Málaga

-Web Site: http://taperiaelbeato.wixsite.com/taperia-el-beato

Excellent tapas and  friendly service.

«Great value for money: It is a very good place for tapas in the heart of Malaga, though not in a main street. Everything I have tried was very delicious, my favorites are fried calmares and croquetas with a lovely homemade garlic souce. Prices are very reasonable.»



La Mesonera

la mesonera malaga -Address: Calle Gómez Pallete, 11, 29012 Málaga

-Web Site: https://www.facebook.com/LaMesoneraMalaga/

Pleasant atmosphere, all tapas are shown on the bar.

Next to Teatro Cervantes, a theatre with a regular program of different cultural events











Cañadú Vegetarian

vegetarian restaurants in malaga-Address: Plaza de la Merced, 21, 29012

-Web Site: http://www.canadu.es/

Several vegetarian tapas but also a good  place for natural juices ,milkshakes and teas.










Peña los verdiales

malaga -Address:  Pasaje de Núñez Vela, 6, 29010 Málaga

Here  you can learn more about one of Malaga´s most classic style of singing. Apart from an exposition room, you can dine during the concerts that are frequently organised.










restaurants málaga

-Address: Calle Niño de Guevara, 3, 29008 Málaga

-Web Site: http://clandestino.eltenedor.rest/

It’s about five years ago when Frederico and Hicham arrived to Malaga, after having  worked years in the Brussel´s nightlife and music scene. In spite of  the multiple prejudices of the “Costa del Sol”, frequently called “Costa del Golf”, they were surprised of the good vibes and possibilities of its capital Malaga. Soon after Clandestino is launched, the word spreads all over the city centre and beyond.

Open seven days a week, throughout the day and late evening, here one can enjoy  imaginative salads and a variety of creative dishes at any time. Daily suggestions complete its distinctive offer. Discover the ever changing selection of international beers and cocktails or the daily fresh deserts.


malaga bars  best restaurants spain


Doña Mariquita

-Address: Plaza de Uncibay, 3-4, 29008 Málaga


malaga bars and restaurantsBecause of its large terrace, its variety of people and its great service ,this is the ideal spot to make plans for the rest of the day.

«We were determined to have some Churros whilst we were in Spain and fortunately Dona Mariquita was right opposite our apartment on Plaza de Uncibay. We ordered two portions and two chocolats. The plate of churros that came was enormous! We greatly enjoyed dunking them into the thick delicious chocolat! Surprisingly we finished the lot! Yum! It’s busy and buzzing and a great place to people watch. The grand total for our breakfast came to a very reasonable 7Euros. They also do a take-away service.»




Casa Aranda

-Address:  Herrería del Rey, 3, 29005 Málaga

-Web Site: http://www.casa-aranda.net/

malaga bars and restaurants

This is where the locals gather in the morning for churros con chocolate(hot pastry) and for its delightful coffee.

«When you are in Spain you should have at least once Churros and a hot Chocolate for breakfast. Casa Aranda is one of these Places that you should visit for their Churros. They are large, very tasty and with the thick chocolate it’s a tasty start into the morning. It’s also cheap. Less than 3 Euros for a Chocolate and 2 Churros.» 









Ultramarinos Juan de Dios Barba

malaga bars and restaurants

-Address: Calle Martínez, 10, 29005 Málaga

-More info 

Here you can buy a curious variety of salted fish.

Many of Malaga’s ultramarinos stores are authentic witnesses of the history of the city. This is the example of Ultramarinos Juan de Dios Barba where a bomb in the Civil War (1936) destroyed the establishment leaving only the picture of a virgin who currently presides over the premises. Here you can find all kinds of groceries but above all history, much history of Malaga.


Antigua Casa del guardia

malaga bars and restaurants

-Address: Alameda Principal, 18, 29005 Málaga

-Web Site: http://antiguacasadeguardia.com/

Definitely one of Malaga’s all time classics where you can taste local wines amid a decoration that survived time. You can take some wine home or to your hotel room.





Como loco

malaga bars and restaurants-Address: Calle José Denis Belgrano, 17, 29008 Málaga

-More info

Great spot for appetitive salads and original pitas.

«Every pitta and salad combo you can imagine here!! Great choices of meats, sauces, salads, and all at a good price!! Nice service too.»




Restaurant Samarkanda

malaga bars and restaurants-Address: Calle José Denis Belgrano, 23, 29008 Málaga

More info

Gorgeous dishes from Lebanon and Morocco served in a cosy setting.







Restaurant Refectorium

malaga bars and restaurants-Address: Calle Cervantes, 8, 29016 Málaga

Web Site

Delicious traditional tapas and raciones(portions)



Restaurant el Cobertizo


malaga bars and restaurants

-Address:  Av. Pío Baroja, 25, 29017 Málaga

-Web Site

This quality restaurant holds an authentic bodega.

» When you go to eat, you just wait for Juan to tell you what he has in the market today to find out what you can eat fresh and with guarantees. Lamb, lemon, sirloin, hake … there are not dozens of dishes but dishes with guarantee and strength. Excellent wines Do not stop approaching the tapas bar.Raciones and 1/2 generous servings. Very good the artichokes with clams and lamb silks coated and fried with paprika and vinegar.»



El Pimpi Florida

malaga bars and restaurants-Address: Calle Almería, 13, 29018 Málaga

Web Site: facebook web page

In between an urban mess of buildings, this is a haven of ancient times where one can enjoy the best sea food in town.











Web Page  www.ismalar.org

This is an alternative  travelling agency offering trips  through Andalucia and Morocco, trying to approach in a respectful way, two cultures with the same past.


Addres:Cenacheros 54, Málaga, 29017

Tel.: 952 206 220.


maLAGA BARS AND RESTAURANTS La Chancla is a small and friendly three star hotel set in a pedestrian area on the sea front of Pedregalajo, a traditional fishing quarter of Málaga.

It is the only lodging in the capital of Málaga that can boast of such a particular location, on the sea shore, where you can find all the peace you need within the city centre. Spend the day relaxing on the sun terrace of La Chancla soaking up the sun, In the evenings here you can admire the impressive Andalusian sunsets. Take a stroll down to the beach from La Chancla, where you can lie back on the fine sands and swim in the Mediterranean Sea. After a long days sightseeing, or on the beach, unwind in the on-site jacuzzi, followed by a drink in La Chanclas terrace bar.











Leaving Malaga  to the north ,direction of Antequerra, the moonscape nature park “El Torcal”, a geological treasure, is a must for nature lovers.www.eltorcal.com

Leaving the park ,you follow Antequerra and then you head for “Fuente de Piedra”, where you, in spring and summer, can admire one of Europe´ s largest, flamenco(this time the bird ,not the music) concentrations, together with different species of other migrating birds.

Near to this salt lagoon  you can rent a colonial style country house:



Puento nuevo Ronda

Address:  Avenida de Andalucía 21. 29.520 Fuente de Piedra. Málaga.

Reservations: 647 425 400 – Tel: 670 549 502 or. ww.lazarandarural.com

In  Fuente de Piedra you  are, by car, a little hour away from Ronda, crossing the heart of Andalucia´s laid back countryside. Ask in the bars on the road for porra de Antequera, a delightful slight spicy vegetable tapa ,a truly original of this region.

Leaving Campillos behind you ,after a couple of kilometres  take a left, following the sign “embalses”.

This windy road along  the lake´s boarder holds lots of bars and restaurants, inviting for a break with magnificent views ,a swim, or to rent a small boat…








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