Merced gourmet market in Malaga

The Merced market, next to the birthplace of Pablo Ruiz Picasso, is undergoing a complete transformation to become a gourmet market, as others already can be found for example the  Victoria Market in Córdoba.Near Mayor Square in Madrid , the Chueca gourment market: San Anton ,on the gay district,  and the newest  launched  in Colón Square called Isabela Market.


The Merced market will offer alongside the usual stalls several dining areas with different designs, split between bars and restaurants with a clear commitment to traditional food at affordable prices.

A special place will be dedicated to children and  there is a plan to install a large outdoor screen to broadcast cultural events of the city.This commitment to culture, will also include a space for new artists of Malaga, where they can exhibit their work or work directly, while the side of the market by the street Gómez Pallete will become a so-called ” artwall “, representing established artists from Málaga in a large mural by other artists in the city.

The plan to open the market is at the week of the Malaga film festival in April.