Marble Madness

Apart from aquariums on various levels, plants, birds, small islands, hidden treasures and sitting corners, our tropical garden now features a 6 meters high marble waterfall with light effects.

We used a mesh of chain-link wire, the small square kind used to fence poultry livestock or small mammals, to jam a huge amount of white stones and transparent glass marbles in a casing of PVC draining pipes, and then placed the construction against the high wall of the patio.

Between the marbles and the wall, in the backsides of the pvc tubes, we positioned perforated optical fibre wires with iterating colours in a symmetrical pattern to light up the marbles.

The magic happens when we pump up water and have it swiftly plash down the marbles.

The combination of the coloured lights, the fresnel reflection and refraction of the marbles and the water ripples create a beautiful organic ambient atmosphere.

marble decoration