bedtimestories01-705418Madonna in RONDA

In November 1994 MADONNA came to RONDA, Andalusia (South Spain) to shoot the video “Take A Bow». It would be the second single, released in December same year, of her by that time new album “Bedtime Stories”.

During the shooting in Ronda, Madonna stayed at LA POSADA REAL hotel, which now is known as HOTEL ENFRENTE ARTE.










The moment local people of this beautiful and historic andalusian village, knew Madonna was in the hotel at the Calle Real, people gathered at the hotel entrance, accompied by local and national television:

Madonna came to Ronda to do some shots at the Ronda Bullring (Plaza de Toros) which was denied by the Real Maestranza de Ronda, the owner of the bullring. That’s why finally she will only do exterior shots and some interior at the Palace of King Moor (Palacio del Rey Moro) in Ronda and went to Antequera, other provincial town 50 km north from Malaga, to do the bullring shots.

The spanish matador Emilio Muñoz, although there were rumours it would be played by Jesulín De Ubrique, is Madonna’s partner in a passionate but impossible love story, “between a matador and movie star”, says Madonna about it. The video was directed by Michael Haussman and obtained a MTV Video Award. The next video is ‘The making of’ from “Take A Bow” from MTV:

The song reached nr. 1 for 7 weeks in the American charts but at the same time it caused Madonna a lot of problems with animal rights fighting groups, saying she proofed be insensitive.