Ronda by Night, historic pubs and restaurants.

There are many options and places to go to in Ronda by night, but if you really want to go to the ones that have history and share with locals, you should check these out…

Ronda by night

Los Caireles

Los Caireles Ronda by night

Los Cáireles      Calle Ronda 10      Arriate (Malaga)

Los Cáireles opened its doors in 1956. It was known by the ancients as the bar of the movies because apart from the bar, they exploited the first  cinema in the village: ”Cine Ideal”. You could eat some tapas here, watch a movie and finish your evening with some wines in the bodega. When, in these times ,they showed a popular picture, people even brought their own chairs to sit behind the last row of seats.

Local businesses showed their commercials with slides projected at the beginning of each movie. Frequently the enthusiastic spectators sang along with the songs during the films. In 1988 they decide to convert the cinema into a tablao de flamenco and they start organizing all kinds of  flamenco concerts and free podia where all the villagers could sing, act or just improvise. At the start of the nineties, they close the big hall and turn part of it into a cosy, clubby bar .With a more diverse program, you can now assist a dj session as well as a traditional Cuban or flamenco gig.

Many bands have passed by Color Humano, Buscemi and much more. In the afternoon they serve all kinds of teas and coffees, the Arab mint tea being one of their classics.

Los Caireles is situated in Arriate, at 6 km from Ronda. This pleasant village welcomes few tourists which gives it a quiet more authentic feel. Two brothers, Manolo and Roberto run Los Caireles and they literally know the whole village. Young and old come and go here .These are the places they recommend in their village and beyond.

Other authentic options…

Bar Manolo,  Calle Ronda 42

Typical Andalusian bar still in its original state.

Bar Café El Albarra Calle Albarra 2

Ancient bar where the older people still play cards and domino, great coffee.

Taberna Manolo Plaza de la Constitucion 21

Again, here you can find all kinds of  tapas, try the slight spicy callos (meat and beans) and get advice from Manolo who is a funny character.

Hostal Venta El Chozo

just at the beginning of the village on the main road from Ronda

Apart from their restaurant with home made plates, rooms available at economic rates.

Venta El Pelitre

at 3 km of Arriate, bendy road through the acres, everybody knows it

Rural restaurant with their own vegetable acres, so food is always fresh.

Venta La Venta

From Ronda, the road to el Burgo after 4 km

The shepherds came here always to eat in this top rural spot. Sometimes you can still see the herds of animals ,waiting outside until the shepherd finishes his lunch.

Manolo en Roberto know a couple of captive nature trips by foot and by mountain bike. The best thing to do is ask them personally how to go, because these paths are not easy to find. In summer they can explain you how to localise hidden riverbanks where one can swim in pure water.