La termica – Malaga

La Térmica – Malaga

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Address: Av. de los Guindos, 48, 29004

la térmica málagaIn 2018 La Termica – Malaga celebrates it´s fifth anniversary Located in a beautiful historic building of the 19th century, this cultural space has continuously changing expos, lot´s of times dedicated to musical themes or artists through photography, video art etc. Every first friday of the month from 19h onwards , they set up Red Friday, a cultural flee market with foodtrucks, concerts, short movies and more; think vintage, vynil collections, kitsch and more of the quirky things in life.

This venue, is a center for creation and contemporary production, based in a modern plan, open and diverse that find through the culture and personal initiative, develop a new look about the reality.

La Térmica – Malaga is a place for creation, learning and entertaiment that have a different spaces where you can choose several activities like art, live music, shows and conferences.

This is a great way to start the weekend before diving into Malaga´s nightlife. Strangely they have no website or facebook in english but that´s probably why they attract almost only locals or foreigners that live in Malaga; no tourist queuing here…most of the times entrance is free.



La Térmica – Malaga

Recent expos went from The Sex Pistols to Malfada or from Frida Khalo to John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Until june 18 of 2018 a unique expo of Terry O´Neill and Gered Mankowitz called ” The Beatles versus The Rolling Stones ” as well a a possibilty of seeing two classic movies ‘Charlie is my Darling – Ireland 1965’ by Mick Gochanour,about The Rolling Stones, (ABKCO Films,Music & Records) and ‘The Beatles: Eight days a week’.

Initially we went there to see the “Terral Market” (Design Festival) and then we were able to see that festival and a great exhibition of Sandro Miller (Homage to photography master with John Malkovich). Great, Great exhibition! Loved everything, also the street food and the band that was playing there. Great place to visit.”

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