Kukuxumusu And Ronda

Ronda has got a new touristic symbol, and she owes it to the famous cartoonist and brain behind the Kukuxumusu brand, Mikel Urmeneta, who was nominated ambassador of the city last year. On this international Day of Tourism he carried out himself the presentation of the logo, accompanied by Cayetano Ordoñez, Matador and grandson of Antonio Ordoñez.

In this picture we see the moon, a green leaf, a heart with moles ‘aflamencados’ (‘flamencosized’?), a penknife, a fork and a mega known New Bridge (Puente Nuevo) over a the gorge forming a bull’s head. What about the logo: Ronda, natural luck, wanting to show everything the city offers.

The new official touristic logo designed by Kukuxumusu will also by very present in the streets of Ronda and, also you will find all types of merchandising (shirts, magnets, key holders, postcards, etc.) that will be sold in the Tourist Office of Ronda, the Moorish Baths, close to our Hotel EnFrente Arte and at authorized points the brand has got in the area.

He said it himself: <<The moon refers to the romantic nights and spell, the green leaf refer to the link with nature of the city, the New Bridge over the Tajo explains the monumentality of Ronda, the penknife represent the land of bandoleros, the fork it’s local gastronomy and the read heart, friendship and Ronda as headquarter to celebrate fairs>>.

The brand Kukuxumusu, which means ‘flea’s kiss’ in Basque, was created by two friends back in 1989, to give a radical change to souvenirs, changing the concept and creating something of better quality.