Jazz night in Ronda


After the Uva festival and the DV festival both in June 2018, we can now anounce another great jazz night in Ronda the 25th of July at bodega Descalzos Viejos.


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Stefano Bollani at Ronda jazz night

Stefano Bollani is an Italian born pianist who collaborated with some of the most prestigious artist in the world such as Gaetano Veloso, Chick Corea and Path Metheny to name just a few.

Bollani recorded 43 albums and comes to Ronda with his latest album Que Bom on the plalist, an album he recorded completely in Rio de Janeiro and has apart from Caaetano also collaborations with Jaoa Bosco and Hamilton de Holanda.

From the moment that Stefano Bollani takes the stage , anything can happen. There is no set list, there is no hand program that helps to follow the succession of themes and references. The viewer is dragged into a new adventure every other night. In this musical torrent of consciousness, laughter and emotion come together in a natural way.  Most probably at the end of the concert Stefano Bollani will invite the audience to participate through requests that will be turned into unpredictable versions in which virtuosity and irreverence are mixed.

A unique contemporary jazz night not to be missed moreover because on the same bill that night there will be a performance by  Ronda artist ,Carmen Morales and a live show with visuals from Vino Duro which we experienced already in november 2017 in the hotel during one of their first concerts ever.



things to do in Ronda

things to do in ronda

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