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After the great success of ‘Staying with Belgians: At home in France, «the guide with bed and breakfast and charming hotels of Belgians in France, drew Peter Jacobs and Erwin De Decker further south. For ‘Flanders holiday «was the inspiration to visit Belgians in Italy, Spain and Portugal offer bed & breakfasts, charming hotels keep open or rent a holiday accommodation with a personal touch.

The good taste of Filip Eyckmans may challenge you hard. Not only is the hotel he furnished according to personal taste in the extreme south of Spain has become very special. But he discovered and guided once also the talent of a young unknown Belgian band called dEUS. When this group became known and had to retire to undisturbed to work on the next album, the idea arose to create an artistic place in the fabulous Ronda. Meanwhile, ordinary tourists are also welcome, «Flippi’s’ Spanish-laws now runs the business, but the visitors are still a breakfast that is worthy of superstar status. Feel the inspiration of a place where beautiful songs still last.

DIRECTOR: Mario Mertens