Goyesca Bullfighting in Ronda

Goyesca Bullfighting in Ronda

Now is confirmed, since the official poster of the “Corrida Goyesca of Ronda” 2008 corrida will be composed by Francisco Rivera, his brother Cayetano, Jose Maria Manzanares and Angel Perera. This corrida will take place in our enblematic bullring on Saturday September 6th 2008.


FERIA-GOYESCA-703969The traditional Fair and Festival of Pedro Romero has been made every year to host as many nationals and internationals visitors posible to enjoy a colorful and very special street atmosphere in our city. Throughout the whole week ,as they can observe, the whole city is turned into the street. One of the most special days is Saturday, where Ronda receive thousands of visitors to attend the Corrida Goyesca.
The history of the Corrida Goyescas begins with the centenary of the birth of the famous bullfighter Pedro Romero and in 1954 and thank’s to the influence of Cayetano Ordóñez the first Goyesca bullfight was made here in Ronda, in the bullring owned by the Royal Cavalry of Ronda.
the second run of Goyesca was not until the year 1957. It will be the first edition in which the son of Cayetano, Antonio Ordóñez participate. This Matador will become the true center of the Goyescas and in his manager. Thank’s to his work during all these years, Goyesca bullfighting are leading a party in bullfights calendar as an example of the bullfighting today, and a social and cultural event that transcends the city of Ronda.
Currently, the Corrida Goyescas takes place the first saturday during the first days of September. On Friday, September 5th is celebrated one corrida without picadors and finally on Sunday morning the Exhibition of couplings of Ronda and on the afternoon the Rejóneo bullfight (on horses).

Francisco Rivera Ordóñez is the manager of the Real Maestranza Caballerìa of Ronda, which owns the bullring.

A very important event in the bullring of Ronda was in September 2006, when the Real Maestranza manager Francisco Rivera Ordóñez Cayetano and his brother, bullfight together, causing a massive attend to the bullfight and in the town. As important was this encounter that entries have come to cost up to two thousand euros (on resale). That day, Cayetano Rivera Ordóñez took the alternative of the hands of his brother Francisco, and both ended the corrida with an emotional hug.




3rd OF FEBRUARY 1982


He made his debut in public at a festival with a calf of Indarte Gimenez. The honours to him were made by Martin Gonzalez Porras, Jose Fuentes, Jose Maria Manzanares, Enrique Ponce and Joaquin Puga.

He took the alternative on June 24th 2003 in Alicante, by the hands of Enrique Ponce, in the presence of Rivera Ordóñez. He killed a bull from Daniel Ruiz.

In the 2004 season, he attend 60 bullfighting festivals in which he cuts 52 ears.



3rd OF JANUARY 1974


Son of Paquirri and Carmina Ordóñez, Francisco Rivera Ordóñez was born with the party united with his infancy. His family is his best curriculum: Antonio Ordóñez grandson, nephew of José Rivera Riverita, grandson of Domingo Dominguez and Cayetano Ordóñez,the Child of the Palma.

He belongs to one of the major Matador families of our country. Born between afternoons festival costumes and lighting. Francisco Rivera knew very young the cruel reality of the the of his fathers.
Paquirri, his father, died in Pozoblanco, broken by the horns of a bull named Avispado, a bull that changed the rivera’s lifes in late September of 1984.

Despite that tragic memory, Francisco Rivera knew that bulls, the art of capote and elegance in the arena were part of his life. he took the alternative when he was twenty-one years by the hands of Spartacus and Jesulín de Ubrique as witness.

Season after season, the young Francisco has built up a reputation of professional and serious. The bullfighting is his life …



13th of JANUARY 1977



He is the second and last child of the marriage composed of the bull matador Francisco Rivera “Paquirri”, and Carmen Ordóñez.

Until recently, his professional future had no direction; he studied some business and cinema in Los Angeles. He finally ended in bullfighting. First novillero and finally on September 10th 2006, at the age of 29 years-old, he took the alternative in the bullring of Ronda to become one of the most famous bullfighter.


27th of Noviemver 1983
Puebla del Prior (Badajoz)