The rogue artist – Francisco Carmona

Francisco Carmona: «I am not an artist; I work with art»


The rogue artist - Francisco Carmona

The rogue artist – Francisco Carmona was born in Bobadilla, Málaga in 1966. Lives and works in Málaga where he started his own Art Studio Casapiedragua. (C/ Gigantes 16, Málaga) Casapiedragua, rather than a work-of-art catalogue, is a work concept under which the head artist manifests both his creative capacity and a great variety of styles that can be conceived by his imagination.

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                                           The rogue artist - Francisco Carmona  The rogue artist - Francisco Carmona  The rogue artist - Francisco Carmona


Casapiedragua is also more than a single name; it is a technique to create methacrylate sculptures carved with traditional tools, a pioneering style whose development dates back to the early 90’s.



The Sculptures are made of marmolina, this material is much cheaper and a lot easier to work with than authentic marble. It is composed of pressed marble dust and acquires the effects of aging with real convincing result.



The rogue artist - Francisco Carmona

The rogue artist - Francisco Carmona

In the wide collection of Francisco Carmona you will find original works indifferent formats and styles that  are suitable for the most exclusive tastes, and a great variety of limited collections consisting of small-format works of art with exclusive designs for this project.

These collections reflect the wide artistic interests of the artist Francisco Carmona. You will also enjoy plastic works of arts, but also projects of video-creation, of literature and of other nothing less interesting topics.

A part from sculptures, paintings and installations, Francisco Carmona also wrote stories on «Yo escribo» (I write)- website where authors can publish there stories – and «Nomadas» (Nomads), a ‘written story’on paper.

He also collaborated in a couple of short movies: as director for «El Secuestro», which is actually a comic (, «Historia de un poeta callejero» ( and «Magia Caduca» (, a short-movie recorded in Mollina (village in the Province of Malaga)during the III Meeting Of Young Artists.

At enfrente arte you can find some of the works and mini sculptures made by this artist.