Fish Spa in Ronda

Fish Spa in Ronda That looks good. Guests sitting down in the subtropical garden, zipping a glass of cold beer, while “Doctor fish Spa” enjoys the snacks provided by their tired feet. What a day it was. ¡Un dia redondo! as they would say here, or in other words: this day was amazing. Fish Spa in Ronda.

Today our guests joined the Photo Experience Tour. It’s one of the activities Hotel Enfrente Arte offers in cooperation with Experience Local. Their alternative style of activities matches the adventurous mindset of our guest. All their activities focus on getting to know the special places away from the main stream of tourist, to meet the locals and to experience Spanish culture. 

Fish Spa in Ronda with Ana Becerra

So today it was time for Photo Experience. Ana Becerra took our guests out on a special tour. Ana is a local photographer with a sharp eye for detail and as a real rondeña, she knows the most photogenic places in town. She gave tips & tricks on how to make nice pictures and gave insight into Ronda’s daily life. The results: A camera full of nice pictures, a head full of nice memories and… feet full of nutritious elements to finally feed the fish in our spa.

Fish Spa in Ronda Photo: Ana Becerra

«Also, I should note that in the atrium, you will find an elevated area where one can be peaceful have one’s feet gently nibbled by those strange little fish who enjoy cleaning between your toes! Most unusual but an absolutely wonderful experience!»  Tripadvisor.    


Fish Spa in Ronda

Fish Spa in Ronda Fish Spa in ronda Fish Spa in Ronda