Sleeping in the Madonna room

Ex-Manager dEUS Runs B&B Now in Spain

A Bed&Breakfast with a high level of Rock ‘n-Roll and sleeping in the Madonna room?  To find that you will have to go to Enfrente Arte in Ronda, (Malaga – Spain), the hotel of Filip Eyckmans, ex-manager of dEUS, presented tonight in «Vlaanderen Vakantieland» (belgian traveller’s TV-show).  You’ll sleep in the bed where Tim Van Haemel, Buscemi, Tom Barman and Madonna have been turning in.                      

Cathérine De Kock.



Twenty years ago Filip Eyckmans, from Antwerp, started a guesthouse in Ronda, a spanish little town in the South.  

Enfrente Arte is a unique bed&breakfast where a number of artists were bound to be found.

At the same time Filip opened a professional recording studio at a ten minute’s walk from the hotel so musicians could work in perfect conditions …«the whole belgian scene must have been here …» Filip says, «Think of One, Arid, Vive la Fête, Buscemi, DAAU, Millionaire…. some of them for a couple of months, others half a year !» dEUS, the band with leadsinger Tom Barman, even stayed a full year in the B&B to work relaxely on ‘The Ideal Crash’.  «The whole album has been recorded in Ronda and most of it has been created here as well.  I even think Tommie wrote ‘Instant Street’ in his permanent room at Enfrente Arte.»




 The Madonna Room


madonna room

Room 10 as well had a very special guest.  «Just a couple of months before I bought this guesthouse, Madonna had stayed here because she wanted to shoot a video in Ronda.  Since that day, the room where she stayed in, is also known as The Madonna Room.»  Madonna in Ronda












 British band Lamb in the Tower Room

British band LambAt that same moment the british band Lamb was in Ronda, looking for inspiration. «They stayed in our Tower Room, one of the most original rooms of the guesthouse.  Since the studio was usually occupied by dEUS, they recorded parts of their album in the hotel’s sauna.»













Don Quijote crew staying at Enfrente Arte

Resultado de imagen de EL QUIJOTE

Not only musicians find the way to Enfrente Arte.  When Don Quijote the movie was shot in Ronda, actors like Isabella Rossini, Bob Hoskins and John Lithgow used to come to Enfrente Arte, known for it’s crazy parties by then, after a hard day of working.

«That was fun!! I remember Bob Hoskins and me shaking in the patio of the hotel.  Big time ‘s tarfuc king’ it is». (laughs)  The first 4 years Filip exclusively dealt with musicians and producers what’s so ever, but these days regular tourists as well can stay at Enfrente Arte, and they seem to like the quirky character of the B&B.







Quirky Hotel

madonna roomThere is absolutely no coincidence in the name Enfrente Arte, a play on words of the spanish verb ‘enfrentarse’, which means «to upfront.». «I wanted to break with the traditional commercial circuit», Filip says, «Everything that ever bothered me in a classical hotel, where you pay 3 euro for a coke to give one exemple, had to be different at Enfrente Arte.  All extras are included in our price.  Our free bar is opened 24h and is managed by our guests themselves.  That creates a unique athmosphere, no doubt about that.  Also, breakfast is served till 12:00.  By the way, the year dEUS stayed with us, we even served it till 14:00».

Lately, Filip is not involved anymore with the music industry.  He sold the recording studio in Ronda and invented a new sport, ‘Bossaball’, a combination of volleybal, trampolines and the brasilian martial dance capoeira, of which he sells the permissions. The hotel is now runned by a Manager and Filip lives in Marbella these days.  

You won’t see him too often at Enfrente Arte anymore, but «it will always be in my heart!» he assures.