DJ Buscemi in Andalucia

It should be around ten times from now that we (DJ Buscemi) have come down to tour Andalucia .

DJ BUscemi Andalucia

Each time the sunny Enfrente Arte hotel was our base from which we explored the southern nightlife. I must say a lot of the lived impressions are shaken all over my head, the always present alcohol probably in it for something. A magazine that once travelled with us on one of these nocturne trips entitled its article about us the following: ”Appealing band that sometimes play in between the drinking.” They forgot to write that, after the great Granada gig in Planta Baja , their photographer almost broke his leg because he was even more drunk then we were.

Then I do remember clearly that gig we played in Los Caireles in Arriate, near Ronda.

The packed room with about two hundred locals, young and old, went absolutely out of their heads, I really thought the old roof was coming down and it felt as if we were playing at the main stage of a big festival. On top of that, an exotic looking women spontaneous jumped on the stage, kneels down and starts belly-dancing in between us, inciting even more the steaming audience. It was one of these rare moments when magic and hilarity fuse gently into each other.

DJ Buscemi

Another great night was the one in the CC theatre in Malaga.

We had a bit our doubts on playing at 9pm on a Tuesday with a seated public. Surprising, an hour later the whole audience was energetically dancing in between us on the large stage and we ended up somewhere in the sun on Wednesday late in the morning. Once we also played an outside gig at two in the morning at the gigantic feria in Malaga and had a great experience giving our best in a truly beautiful old dance hall called La Paloma in Barcelona. Looking back,  I remember more than I first thought I would, probably because these trips have become part of my system.

DJ Buscemi

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