Sonido Internacional presents a new album «El Amor Vencera» 

Cultural activities in Rondacultural activities in Ronda

Malaga based artist Manu Sonido has Argentinian roots and we know him already since the late ninetees through his band of mestizaje called Los Perdidos. A good choice of cultural activities in Ronda.

He came at that time to perform several times to the recording studio and concert hall of Enfrente Arte and to the Musicas and Crepusculos festival. His new band Sonido Internacional is coming down to present their third album with a special dedication to Mexican music with influences of  rancheras and mariachi sounds.

He will mix up his songs with his long time passion for ska and reggea, assuring a night full of explosive dance grooves.One of the songs of the new album is a duet with La Mari from famous spanish band Chamboa as well as Jorge Pardo. Knowing the great atmosphere of our all time favourite concert hall hosted by our friends and bossaball samba referees Manolo and Roberto, also known as The Garcia Brothers, one will experience a truly Andalucian night out not to be missed.




Cultural Activities in Ronda

-When: Friday March 23- 2018.

-Where: Sala Caireles Arriate.

-Web Page: 


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cultural activities in Ronda