Contemporary art museum CAAC on Cartuja Island Seville

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Seville (CAAC) is located just outside the city centre, on the Cartuja Island. In the 16th century it was a monastery, but around 1841 the building converted in a pottery and ceramics factory. Nowadays it houses a very wide collection of contemporary art, including videos and music as well. There is so much to see actually, that if time is no issue, you maybe better go two days.

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With less than € 2.00 entrance, it is a bargain Art Exhibition. Some work you will like, some you might not, but neither an issue … the building is such an interesting thing on its own to visit, even it was only for its spectacular gallery. As said, the exhibition hosts all types of contemporary art featuring videos, photographs, sculptures and installations. You also have plenty of photo opportunities for yourself in this huge, well- preserved, monastic complex. In the basement there’s an enjoyable bar offering daily menus for around € 8.00 which are very tasty.

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CAAC Seville museum