The Centre Pompidou in Málaga Spain is the only one  and hosts exhibits from the «mothership» in Paris.

Located at the vibrant Muelle Uno in between great bars and restaurants the recently opened Centre Pompidou offers top-quality work in a well-curated show that is accessible yet pleasantly challenging. Very good audio guide included in admission, with English and French options.

Centre Pompidou

Displays have well-prepared English and Spanish descriptions.Creativity runs wild in this museum. It offers and   opportunity to see works by well known modern artists with highlights include fine pieces by de Chirico, Calder, Magritte, Giacometti, Chagall and Man Ray.

In Conclusion Málaga has proven the last two years it was an excellent choice for the location of this modern museum, a real asset for this Andalusian city.

Nice to either make it a special visit or just ‘drop by’ since you are in the harbour area of this welcoming sunny city each time becoming more a upgrown little bother of Barcelona.

Outside as well as inside architecture are interesting and from this world class art museum you walk out from the exit door with a myriad of impressions and thoughts.The exhibit called «Ghostby Kader Attia and we would recommend all should see it.

It comprises of 133 figures seated on the floor in 19 X 7 configuration. Kneeling women. But hollow shapes representing the women each formed from moulded silver foil paper….





  • «A very interesting range of art of every kind, including video and multi sculptural. Plus an exhibition of Philippe Starke design ideas at the moment»
  • «This was by far my favourite gallery in Malaga. There aren’t masses of items on display, but I really enjoyed seeing what was there. The aluminium foil people in the centre was particularly striking and I was quite taken by the film of children from Liverpool talking about what they thought of a picture they could see, but the viewer can’t. I also liked that the security camera picture of the building exit formed part of the works on display. Well worth a visit.»
  • «There are so many restaurants and Tapas bars to eat at! In fact there is one section in the center of the main restaurants where you can order from 4 different restaurants and all are very good meals! I came back twice for tender yummy pork spareribs from the Argentine menu, while my husband was eating Chicken Curry from the Indian menu, my brother had yummy chicken Fajitas from the Mexican menu, and my sister in law was enjoying her Dolmathes ‘ stuffed grape leaves’ from the Greek Menu!! There are amusements for children as well as a stage where there are often free concerts And lots of boutique or specialty shops if you like shopping! It is a great walkway along the yacht harbor all the way from El Centro through the beautiful Parque de Malaga, to La Farola light house. Please don’t miss this wonderful place for a pleasant view and wonderful restaurants!»