The Bossafarm seedling boat

At the Bossafarm, our outdoor land in Estepona where we grow 100% organic fruit and vegetables and we created the Bossaboat.

This boat was about to be destroyed and we gave it a final destination as a seedling garden for all our plants and trees. We opened up one side in the flank of the boat and now our sprouts get all the necessary sun but are protected from the wind.

We have surrounded the boat with up side down planters where we grow cherry tomatoes, mexican green tomatoes etc…One can conclude the Bossaboat has a complete new mission after being recycled and became a new fountain of green healthy products that can be daily enjoyed by the clients of Hotel Enfrente Arte in Ronda during our breakfast buffet or at thematic gastronomy events.For 2018 we have planted the japanese myzuna salad, okra often used in arab and asian cuisine, mini squash and our classics such as cucamelon and mexican tomato.

Do you want to see some of our dishes, served at breakfast ?

seedling boat garden

recycled boat used for seedling away from the wind but receiving full sunshine with integrated irrigation inside.

upside down

upside down farming is a technique invented in New York where one let´s the plant grow downwards with good results for cherry tomato as well as for chili and spices.