What to do in Marbella? Bars, Restaurants and Nightlife

What to do in Marbella could be a difficult question, let us help you with this, here are our top picks!

  • Premiere Club

Plaza de los Olivos Marbella

Premiere club Marbella

It was a difficult time for alternative music when Juan Alonso (owner) and Paco Liñan (music agent) decided, in 2002, to open Premiere.  The idea was to create a space that could function as a club and as a concert hall, where musicians would gather to play or to listen to less commercial music.

Today, after only a couple of years, Premiere has filled that necessary gap for music lovers, and from Wednesday through Sunday, a wide mix of people can enjoy an eclectic cocktail of funk, soul and electronic music.  Join the two on a trip through “their Marbella” …

From the central Plaza de los Naranjos, you head for the Calle del Viento, which will lead you into the Calle de Hospital Bazan, where the Museo del Grabado is located, an absolute must because it is off the tourist track, and it contains a unique collection of prints and engravings, not to be found elsewhere in Spain.  Then you take Calle Salinas, ending up in the Castillo, a Moorish fortress from the ninth century and built on visible Roman ruins.

Where to go in marbellaFrom here, you can walk down and enter the Parque de la Represa.  Once you reach the bridge that crosses the park, go to the left and enter Calle Lobatos (street of wolves).   This o
ld street lends its name from the wolves that came down from the nearby mountains, looking for the garbage people left at the old city border.  The street interconnects with the Calle Ancha, with its magnificent old townhouses, some of them recently restored.  Now you’re back in the centre, where we recommend the following sites and places:


  • El Estrecho/El Bartolo Calle San Lazaro

This is probable the tiniest street in Marbella, with these two bars offering excellent tapas in lively atmosphere.

  • Bar San Francisco Calle Aduar

Young people gather here for fish tapas such as ‘bacalao con tomate’ (cod with tomato).

Where to go in marbella

  • Altamirano Plaza Altamirano

Try the sardines and the fried fish.  This is a lovely terrace during the summertime.

  • Bar California Calle Malaga

Very popular, both with foreigners and locals, due to the quality fresh fish

  • El Cordobes Plaza Puente Malaga

Another good spot for fresh sardines, with a variety of decent local dishes.

  • Los Cañizos/El Canuto La Bajadilla, Puerto Pesquero

A few old fishermen’s houses remain.  In two of them, you can eat fish at very reasonable prices in an authentic setting.

Marbella where to go

  • El Tanguito Calle Buitrago

In this 200-year-old house, you can try typical Argentinean dishes upstairs, then, afterwards, enjoy a variety of electronic music in the bar with exotic patio downstairs.


  • Townhouse Calle Alamo

A labyrinth of rooms and patios, where a perfect harmony is created between classical and modern design, in addition to the mix of contemporary dance and pop music.

  • El Frutero Calle Aduar

A lively three-floor bar with great terrace for hot evenings.

  • La Teteria Calle Ancha

Distinctive and original teas and pastries.

  • La Mazzmorra Calle Peral

Ideal for the first drinks on a long night, with a good music choice on the turntables.

  • La Lavadora Calle Peral

Lovely bar with Moroccan specialities, as well as milkshakes.  The place is divided into several cosily decorated floors, with a pleasant atmosphere.

  • Hostal Bar El Gallo Calle Lobatas

For a good sleep at reasonable prices, as well as for the typical homemade kitchen specialities.

  • Albergue Africa Avenida del Trapiche

Youth hostal with patio and pool, rooms for up to six people.

cine club marbella

  • Cine Club Buñuel Instituto Rio Verde

Calle Notario Luis Oliver

This is the place to go if you want to see more independent and original-language films.



Heading east from the centre, you soon arrive at Playa del Cable, where a variety of local feasts and parties are organised in the summer.  Further east, you’ll find good beaches like Playa de Río Real (3 km), Playa de la Residencia Tiempo Libre (10 km), and Playa y Dunas de Cabopino (15 km).  This last beach is a beautiful nature reserve, and it holds moving sand dunes, unique on this stretch of the Mediterranean.  Incidentally, nudism is permitted here.

Beach in Marbella

For more rural trips, we advise you to take the road to Ojén along the splendid mountain range of the Sierra de las Nieves.  Look out for signs pointing the Refugio de Juanar (15 km).

marbella what to do

At the end of the road, you can take one of the various routes, where you can see Africa, The Sierra Nevada, and the coast, on a clear day.  There’s a possibility of spotting wildlife such as mountain goats, otters, and birds of prey.  Another option is visiting the enchanting white village of Monda,
and then following a country road to Istan, where more hiking trails lead you to the source of Rio Verde, a hidden place of natural wonder.

things to do in Marbella