Arab Baths and spa Cordoba

 Arab Baths and spa Cordoba

Arab Baths and spas Cordoba

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Address: C/ Corregidor Luis de la Cerda, 51. Córdoba

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Address:  Calle Almanzor 18

There are several good options for massages and spas in Cordoba , some of them in a truly authentic Moorish and Andalucian atmosphere. Best is to make a reservation in advance and to avoid peak hours in order to obtain the right relaxing vibes.

The Hamman Al Andalus Baños Arabes and the Baños Arabes de Cordoba, both located in the city centre of Cordoba are the ones hosted in a classic arab architectonial style and have different kind of baths and therapies on offer starting from 20 euros onwards. Qurtuba Senses is a more modern wellness centre and offers for instance hot stone treatment.

As spas are very popular these days, the opportunity to enjoy wellness in a historic building is not always easy to find and therefor it is also a cultural exerience as one can imagine how The Moors lived there day to day at these baths ; today spa and wellness is more or less a luxury and is more an occasional experience while in Arab and Roman times it was part of the daily life…


Some spa services 



Discover and enjoy the refined pleasure of genuine Arab Baths. You will love our Water Journey, full of serenity and tenderness. Feel the contrasts of the water on your skin, a perfect sensation to stimulate yourself and relax in just one session.


The Water Journey and our exclusive massage using the essential oils which are the aroma of the hammam (15′). Treat your skin to an experience capable of reviving your body and making you float.


The option of giving a Water Journey accompanied by an exclusive massage (15′) and a full ritual with purification on a hot stone bed (15′), which is completely transforming.

….  and so much more, just take a look to the web page..

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