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 Alameda de Hercules

Alameda de Hércules Address: Alameda de Hércules

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alameda de hercules

The Alameda de Hercules was constructed in the 16th century as it was won from the wetlands of the nearby river Guadalquivir and became Europes biggest public park with monuments dedicated to hercules and Julius Cesar at the entrances.

Nowadays, modern fountains have been integrated the green park has been converted in a gigantic public square with a very lively atmosphere all day long.

If you are visiting the more typical touristic sites in Seville, this square is an urban oasis and a breath of fesh air as it is mostly visited by locals. In the afternoon the tapa circuit comes alive and the more the beer and wine flood, the more spanish and loudly it gets…this is where one can find the authentic Andalucian atmosphere which is each day harder to find.

There are endless bars and restaurants, so we recommend to change every beer and cross the square from terrace to terrace.

alameda de herculesCheck the local agenda as almost every week events are set up here; this can be a local flea or artisan market, a jazz or flamenco festival and more.



What to do in Alameda of Hercules?

At night , the Alameda de hercules offers a wide variety of night clubs, also in the little streets nearby. The offer is from heavy to electronic, from flamenco to funk. One of the oldest is Fun Club, since decades it has good live music on offer and is an absolute pioneer of the Alameda long before it was the place to be…Check out, as said, all the streets around the square who offer the finest tapas, cocktails etc on offer,…places such as Bierkraft with propoer and local beers or Son de Vinos with a large offer of regional wines.

Best is to just wonder around and discover the hidden gems yourself,…every now and then new places open up most of them at reasonable fair rates to eat and drink, especially at midday there are good menus to be found betwen 10 and 20 euros for quality gastronomic food.