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The BossaFarm is located in Estepona, a quaint little Spanish town situated in the area between Marbella and Gibraltar with fantastic views on the African continent. This unique spot is our latest baby and is the result of the fusion of Enfrente Arte, born in 1997, and the sport Bossaball, created by Enfrentearte’s owner Filip Eyckmans in 2005.

Since 3 years we use 100% organic fruits and vegetables from all over the world for the hotel’s breakfast buffet, our natural ice teas or home cooking sessions.

It all started with the idea of setting up a training center for the sport in the rural area of Southern Spain, where the players could bivouac and practice all day long. We were in need of such a place in a healthy environment where we could train during an extensive period.

Moreover, rest periods between training sessions and intense days of practice are filled with healthy, nutritious and traditionally grown food provided by and cultivated at the same playground. That way, the BossaFarm becomes a healthy sports development centre.

The idea is to closely interweave the sporting and physical perspective with social and ecological aspects. A place where neo meets retro. The upside-down gardening is one example. This practice from New York has spread out to Estepona as well, and occurs in a rather creative way. Seven end-of-life trampolines of old bossaball playfields have found a new destination, as they are now used as the skeleton for the vegetable boxes.

As bossaball is played on a huge inflatable, we recently have started to recycle old PVC and have turned it into messenger and travel bags…recycling is since 2 decades circulating through our veins – soon we will offer the first Enfrente arte travel bags, stay tuned!

Bossafarm and Enfrente Arte

Many of the original dishes that are prepared at the Hotel Enfrente Arte, are prepared with ingredients brought directly from the Bossafarm and which are 100% organic. 

Enjoy these pictures of the Bossafarm and enjoy the breakfast when you come and visit us! 

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